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MAXVALUE WEBSITES provides a range of services to boost your business.

Domain Registration

Domain name registration is the very first step that needs to be taken to ensure that YOUR NAME, whether business or individual, becomes YOURS exclusively to present your message and content. This becomes your identity and address to the outside world. In fact, this would be your biggest asset, the exclusive identity that YOU SHOULD be in CONTROL OF.  

Website Hosting

Once you are assured of your domain name, you will need a good quality and secure hosting server where your content or your website will reside. This is where all the website files and images are stored to be served to your website visitors whenever demanded. It is of crucial importance that this server is secured and fast to give your visitors a safe and enjoyable experience. MAXVALUE WEBSITES uses the world’s best state of the art servers that give you an edge over the others.

Website Design

With the web infrastructure in place, MAXVALUE WEBSITES creates for you modern and best in class websites and present you and your business in a very engaging and effective manner. Your website is made using a RESPONSIVE DESIGN so that your visitors can access and view your content from any device, whether mobile  or laptops. Your website is tuned so that you are prominently visible and ranked high in the search engine results.

Content Creation

MAXVALUE WEBSITES has good expertise to conceptualize and generate content that will engage your visitors and influence them to take action on your website. Your content is keyword optimized depending on your target audience and your desired goals and objectives.


A higher ranking in the search engines is a must to have a bigger share of the target audience so that more visitors find you and visit your website and there is more scope of converting them into your customers for a better business sales and results. Proper strategy and a number of techniques are used with the ultimate objective to give you and your business an edge over your competitors. SEO is an ongoing process.


If you want your pages to be ranked on the top of the search engine results, and you don’t have the time to engage in SEO activities, but have a budget to buy ads, then you may opt for PPC or Pay Per Click ads. MAXVALUE WEBSITES can run PPC ad campaigns to get traffic to your web pages or landing pages.

Social Media

In today’s world of social media, it is very important for you to be visible in social media networks. MAXVALUE WEBSITES provides complete social media optimization and management for you to generate traffic for your website right from creating accounts with professional cover pages and engaging posts.

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